Mission & Vision


Create skilled engineers for energy and other sectors.


Develop a premier class institution equipped with quality infrastructure, resourceful faculty
and skilled students for maintenance of high standards in academics and research.


  • To provide best in class infrastructure as per the requirement for premier institution.
  • To make provision to attract best students and qualified faculty to maintain highest standard in academics.
  • To make provision for creating an environment of institutional nurturing of talent and retain qualified faculty.
  • To promote a culture of research and innovation.

The approved institution master plan which is to be constructed by National Project Construction Corporation (NPCC Ltd.) and handed over by July 2020/2021.

Currently the institution is having three branches Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) and Electrical Engineering, having capacity of 60 each are currently operative since 2017-18. The institution was established under society act, having it's own bylaws.

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