Sustainable Energy Development Workshop

About the Institution

In 2016, Himachal Pradesh signed an MoU with the Government of India, NTPC, and NHPC to establish the Government Hydro Engineering College. The college, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 5, 2022.It offers Civil, Electrical and computer science engineering (AI & DS) branches and operates under a Board of Governors chaired by the Secretary of Technical Education in Himachal Pradesh.

About the Workshop

The workshop cover both theoretical and practical concepts that are essential for interacting with real-life programming tasks and situations. They contain quizzes, tests, interactive assessments, and lab exercises that facilitate the understanding of programming concepts and the conversion of knowledge into practical skills. They have been designed and reviewed by experienced faculty and industry professionals, with the goal of meeting current market trends, and equipping you with a handset of skills for careers in software development, IT, and related technologies.

The courses are aligned with industry certifications which help to validate your skills and gain recognition for your programming expertise. They cover all the levels of programming language proficiency: entry, associate, and professional.

Sustainable Energy Development Workshop

SR.NO Title Date Brochure
1 Sustainable Energy Development Workshop 19 January 2024

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Workshop Registration Links 
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1 Registration Link for Outside Student and Faculty From GHEC 18 January 2024

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2 Registration Link For GHEC Students and Faculty  18 January 2024

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Speakers Details

1 Dr. Jagriti Saini Founder & Owner Eternal RESTEM

Key Important Dates

Last date of submission 18 Jan 2024
Workshop date     19th Jan 2024 2023-03-03T11:26:41+00:00